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Dr. Bipin Balakrishnan, MD

“Shire Homes live up to the promises they make. I went around the town inspecting one flat after another to make sure that I don’t make a mistake in my choice. I settled on Shire Homes because of the unmatched honesty and integrity they showed in the dealings with me. The past few months demonstrated to me that all that Shire Homes claims to be are true. The constant presence of the management and staff to make sure that everything is fine is so reassuring. Everything moves like a well oiled machine running to perfection. Having settled here I am as safe and well cared for as when I started out; even more so. I am so happy that I very cheerfully backed the purchase of two more flats by my relatives who are also as satisfied as I am.”.

Dr. Bipin Balakrishnan, MD
Chief Physician
Indo- American Hospital, Vaikom.
(Cell No: +919595313545)
(mail: [email protected])

Mr. Babu Chacko

“I wish to make a categorical statement that the best thing   I did in my life was purchasing a flat in Shire Homes. I am as satisfied and happy as can be. I must say that whatever was on offer was real and there was nothing misleading or deceptive. The location, the air, the water and above all, the personal care  we get from the  Builder, all contribute to the safe and happy living we enjoy at Shire Homes. I would recommend Shire Homes to anyone who wants peaceful living and true value for money”.

Babu Chacko, Ickaramanalel
Alamo Travels& Tours, Houston, USA.
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T C Philip

“Having lived in many apartments during service, the difference I experience at Shire Homes is simply peace of mind which I found absent in most of the flats with one headache or other. This mostly happens when there is no one to attend and give timely solutions to whatever small issues like breakdowns, maintenance, personal emergencies and daily requirements that may arise. And here at Shire Homes you can simply leave those worries to their team and forget them, they will take care of them for you. The quality of air and water is excellent here. And above all, at Shire Homes, my dreams of living in our home state has become a home coming for me.”

T C Philip
Senior Manager(Retd.)
Union Carbide India Ltd. Chennai.
Plot #42, Alwar Nagar, Chennai- 600061

Zachariah Mani

“Our search for a Second Home did not take much time, to be frank. Having a walk around was enough for making a decision. The sprawling front yard, the cool breeze from west, the ambience and the personalized care we get from the management were reasons enough for us to make the choice. And it has been a happy and healthy living for more than 2 years, and without any regret whatsoever. And our children really celebrate the small number of days they get to stay with us here and long to come here for even short vacations they get”.

Zachariah Mani
Operations Manager
CLAN Recruitments,Salwa Road, Doha, Qatar.
Cell No:0097466719223
mail:[email protected]

Mathew D Mathew

“Having lived outside Kerala for most part of my life and being a businessman, I wanted to make sure that my money gets invested at the right place. And that was the single reason why I spent much time going around and visiting almost every apartment project around Kottayam. This was the first project I visited and the last one too. I also realized that one should see, verify and make sure that what all is offered is there in reality or not. And so my journey ended at Shire Homes, and happily as well. They do excellent property management too and you can leave such jobs to them when you are away. In short, I would recommend this place for anyone who wants real value for the money and no hidden costs.”

Mathew D Mathew
Plot 92, Sector 27-J., Nigdi, Pradhikaran, Pune-411044.
(Danavunkal, Pulickalkavala P.O. Kottayam)
Cell No: +919822043358