Perfectly-sized, perfectly-priced, and perfectly-located living spaces

Shire Group has been severing the construction industry for over a century, and is one among the most reputed firms in the state. Over the years, we have successfully forayed into various real-estate ventures that have earned us an immense amount of trust and loyalty from customers across the state. A synonym for unparalleled customers services, highest quality standards, as well as innovative design and construction concepts, Shire Homes enjoys an irreplaceable track record in real estate sector. With unique visions and matchless experience in construction, we are amongst the most reliable and reputable builders in Kerala. Profound expertise, comprehensive business insights, and long-lasting customer relations make Shire Homes one among the most reputed establishments in realty sector. Strongly rooted on values, commitment, and conviction, we believe in unshakable performance, creativity, and professionalism.

Excellence of an organization is the reflection of the rectitude and commitment of its management. Shire Homes has a devoted and experienced workforce, employed in its diverse community, and led by visionaries who are dedicated to pursing perfection in every project undertaken by us. At Shire Homes, quality is the epitome of our business strategy, and each project that we we deliver reflects our core values and supreme quality standards. We believe that success devoid of supreme sense of ethics and integrity is absolutely pointless.

Interior Design

At Shire Homes, we believe that a bespoke and innovative design can undoubtedly change the way people perceive the world around. A serene ambience can easily make each day memorable, instead of instigating the weighty feeling of getting ready for an endless array of tiring chores. The unwavering belief that spaces have meanings and each living space has to be tailor-made to those who dwell is the candid concept that makes us who we are. An overall makeover or a seasonal update, Shire Homes can help design classy and serene living spaces, while staying within budget.


We provide a host of maintenance facilities including electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning, and carpentry services that help make life easier and joyful every day. Trained technicians are employed to attend to every work, rework, and rectification without fail. You can expect our service team to resolve your request within 48-hours of receipt. Housekeeping and Facility Management Top housekeeping solutions are made available in every apartment complex to

maintain and upkeep the shared areas that include stairs, terrace, driveway and common toilets. Our Facility management services include:


  • Security
  • Household maintenance
  • Maintenance of common areas

Home Care Services

Apartments that transcend the definition of serenity, luxury, and comfort There is more to Shire Homes than just construction of apartments. It’s a blend of reliable assurance of excellence in construction, a commitment to innovation, and an unshakable dedication to building homes that help nurture heart-warming relationships. Recognised for classy designs, best locations, and superior services, we transcend conventional standards by creating and maintaining ultimate fineness in building

residential spaces that are within the budget of customers. With customer delight as the core ideology, Shire Homes has carved a niche for ourselves in the fiercely competitive real estate and construction industry. Each project of ours is a benchmark of unparalleled classiness and sophistication.

The mission that we hold steadfast to:


  • Deliver exclusive and quality lifestyle solutions that exceed expectations while remaining within budget
  • Construct contemporary and aesthetic structures
  • Provide supreme value for both customers and investors
  • Uphold unmatched integrity, transparency and work ethics